Special event, 6 November 2019 : The Artist in the City – in collaboration with Guildhall Art Gallery

Five established artists respond in radically different ways to London, the city where they live. Love it or hate it what should we make of it?

Chaired by Alex Werner (Head of Collections at the Museum of London) and organised by Mireille Galinou (founder of Your London Publishing and former Curator of Paintings at the Museum of London).

Dr Cathy Ross, former Director of Collections and Learning at the Museum of London will present London as a series of artists’ quarters. Each artist will be introduced by a short AV presentation. And each artist will also be interviewed and invited to talk us through one of their favourite works.


1. South London: David HEPHER sees London as slowly sinking into a housing crisis.
2. East London: Ferha FAROOQUI depicts London as a series of endangered neighbourhoods.
3. North London: Timothy HYMAN RA has embraced the panorama format but has powerful visions of the destruction of London.
4. Photographer Hannah STARKEY this year’s artist in residence at Guildhall Art Gallery will share her session with Elizabeth Scott, Principal Curator at Guildhall Art Gallery, the organiser of the current ‘Architecture of London’ exhibition.
5. West London: Ben JOHNSON sees architecture and cities, including London, as pristine environments.