© Torla Evans for the photographs of The Dulwich Notebook on the Home/About us acreens

The South Bank and the City from Hungerford Bridge © Mireille Galinou, 2018

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Jiro Osuga, Café Jiro installation presented at Flowers Gallery (Cork Street) in 2008-9, © Flowers Gallery

First screen © Torla Evans for The Dulwich Notebook, 2015
Secondary screen © Mireille Galinou, 2020

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© Mireille Galinou, 2020

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Trinity Church Square, Southwark © Mireille Galinou, 2019

Mayesbrook Park, Dagenham © Mireille Galinou, 2020

Vauxhall Park, © Mireille Galinou, 2021


The artist Jiro Osuga – on the far right – is photographed with the fourteen full-size self portraits which he placed in various Streatham shops during the Art23 Festival in 2016. The installation is called ‘The Man of the Crowd’. © Mireille Galinou