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If you are interested in London, its past and its present, this is a guide to available resources.

Key resources

Artists' / Architects' / Writer's houses

Local history societies and archives relevant to Dulwich and Streatham

Urban studies


Picture credits

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© Torla Evans for the photographs of The Dulwich Notebook on the Home/About us acreens

The South Bank and the City from Hungerford Bridge © Mireille Galinou, 2018

News & Events
Jiro Osuga, Café Jiro installation presented at Flowers Gallery (Cork Street) in 2008-9, © Flowers Gallery

First screen © Torla Evans for The Dulwich Notebook, 2015
Secondary screen © Mireille Galinou, 2020

Recommended books
© Mireille Galinou, 2020

About us
Trinity Church Square, Southwark © Mireille Galinou, 2019

Mayesbrook Park, Dagenham © Mireille Galinou, 2020

Vauxhall Park, © Mireille Galinou, 2021


The artist Jiro Osuga – on the far right – is photographed with the fourteen full-size self portraits which he placed in various Streatham shops during the Art23 Festival in 2016. The installation is called ‘The Man of the Crowd’. © Mireille Galinou

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‘As a new type of local history book, The Dulwich Notebook is highly recommended.
Lavishly illustrated with many interesting perspectives on the life and character of Dulwich, it takes its place as one of the top London books.’
Alexander Werner, Head of History Collections, The Museum of London